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Termite are voracious eaters of any thing that consists of cellulose material wood, books, carpets, textiles, and animal products like leather in other words practically nothing i.e. metal, brick or cement is safe in any building from every hungry termite. Unless infestation is prevented it may become to salvage any thing later. Breaking contact between the soil and wood content of the building is the primary method of combating termites.

If you have noticed wood that sounds hollow, mud tubes on exterior walls, any cracked or bubbling paint or frass termite droppings then these are strong indicators that there is termite infestations. Termite infestation is difficult to detect as they work from inside to outside. Termites actually live hundreds of feet below the ground and form huge colonies.

Treatment to be carried out

1. Drilling in scatting walls and injection chemical in to it.

2. Drilling injecting of the chemicals on the wooden works.

3. Spraying of the chemicals on wooden structures.

4. Coating of the chemicals on selected areas.


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